Cloud Maker Recon

Connect CMES to Azure to discover and import your infrastructure.

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Cloud Maker Recon is a powerful AI powered discovery and import tool built into Cloud Maker. Connect Recon to your Azure environment to automatically create diagrams of your cloud infrastructure, discovery resources and import into Cloud Maker.


Recon requires an Azure app registration with at least Reader permissions on your Azure Subscription or Resource Groups. Some services require a higher level of permissions for configuration to be discovered.

Before using Recon, create an Azure Entra ID app registration and configure the relevant IAM permissions on your subscription or Resource Groups.

Note down the app registration:

  • Client Secret

  • Client ID

  • Tenant ID

These will be needed when using Recon for the first time.

Configure Recon

  1. Select Recon (Preview) from the left hand menu within your workspace.

  2. Once Recon loads, create a service connection by entering the relevant app registration details into the form provided on the left panel.

  3. Select your target Azure cloud environment:

    • Azure Public Cloud

    • Azure Government

  4. Click Create and connect to connect Recon to Azure.

  5. Your service connection will be available to re-use in the drop down the next time you need to use Recon.

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