Azure DevOps CMES Integration

Cloud Maker integrates seamlessly with Azure DevOps, allowing you to deploy your CMES solutions alongside your existing CI/CD processes.

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Install the Cloud Maker CMES Azure DevOps Extension

Install the Cloud Maker Azure DevOps extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace:

Generate a Cloud Maker Access Key

  1. Open Cloud Maker Enterprise Server.

  2. Navigate to the Manage Organisation dashboard.

  3. Under App Registrations select + Add app registration.

  4. Provide a name for the app registration.

  5. Then on your new app registration, click Tokens.

  6. Provide a description for the token and select a token expiry date.

  7. Click + Create token.

  8. Copy the app registration token value that is generated.

Configure the CMES ADO Task

In Azure DevOps do the following:

  1. Open Azure DevOps.

  2. Navigate to your project.

  3. Select the settings cog for the project.

  4. Select Service Connections.

  5. Create a new service connection.

  6. Select Cloud Maker Enterprise Server.

  7. Enter your Cloud Maker app registration Token.

  8. Enter a name for your service connection.

  9. Check or uncheck Grant access permissions to all pipelines depending on what requirements you have to use the task across pipelines

  10. Click Save to create the service connection.

Add a Cloud Maker Task to an Azure DevOps Stage

Adding the Cloud Maker Enterprise Server task to a DevOps stage is simple (we also support YAML pipelines):

  1. Open Azure DevOps and Navigate to Pipelines -> Releases.

  2. If you don't have an existing pipeline or need to create a new one, select the New Pipeline button.

  3. If you've created a new pipeline select start with an empty job.

  4. Enter the stage name for your stage.

  5. Add additional stage if required.

  6. NB: It's recommended you use the same stage name that you created in your Cloud Maker solution.

  7. Select the stage you want to add the task to and click the task link.

  8. Add a new task to the stage by selecting the + symbol.

  9. Search for Cloud Maker and add the Cloud Maker Enterprise Server task to the stage.

Configure the Cloud Maker DevOps Task

The Cloud Maker Enterprise Server DevOps Task enables you to select the following settings:

  1. Service Connection: This is the Cloud Maker Enterprise Server service connection you created in the previous steps.

  2. Organisation: The Cloud Maker organisation you wish to load a blueprint from.

  3. Pipeline: Your Cloud Maker pipeline you created in Cloud Maker.

  4. Stage: The configured stage from the Cloud Maker pipeline you wish to deploy.

  5. Action: Choose whether you wish to deploy or conduct a What-if (currently in preview).

  6. Target Azure environment: Choose whether you wish to deploy to Azure Commercial or Azure Government.

  7. Azure Resource Manager Connection: Select the service connection to Azure you wish to use for the deployment.

  8. Metadata Location: The Azure region in which you wish to store your metadata

Once you've entered your configuration settings, simply save and now you’re good to cut a release!

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