CMES Update Process

This article describes how to update your CMES appliance

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This article discusses how to update your CMES appliance to use the latest version from the Azure Marketplace.

CMES Versions:

The following CMES versions are the latest available. You can use the instructions in this guide to update your CMES appliance to one of these versions.

Version Details

Version Number

Previous stable version


Latest stable version



We have created a PowerShell script to make updating your CMES appliance to the latest image version as easy as possible.

The following script can be used to update your CMES appliance. The script can be accessed from the Cloud Maker Repo here.




This script allows you to update your CMES VMSS to utilise the desired version of the CMES image.


  1. Run updateCmesImageVersion.ps1, entering the following parameters:

    1. The name of the Resource Group that contains your CMES appliance.

    2. The name of your CMES VMSS.

    3. The image version you wish to update to (see CMES version table above).

    4. The number of VMSS instances you wish to deploy.

  2. Your CMES appliance should now update to the desired image version and be ready to use.

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