As part of the Cloud Maker Enterprise Server (CMES) install using the Azure Marketplace solution offer, an Azure Active Directory App Registration is required.

To set up the Azure App Registration for the CMES install, do the following:

  1. Open Azure Active Directory

  2. Register a new Single Tenant App Registration with no redirect URI

  3. Note down the Application (Client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID for later

  4. In the Authentication section:

    1. Add a platform: Single-page application

    2. Configuration:

      1. Redirect URI: "https://app.<enter domain>"

      2. Access tokens: checked

      3. ID tokens: checked

  5. In the Expose an API section:

    1. Add a scope

    2. Save and continue with the default application ID

    3. Configuration:

      1. Scope name: user_access

      2. Who can consent: Admins only

      3. Admin consent display name: any value

      4. Admin consent description: any value

  6. In the manifest section

    1. Change accessTokenAcceptedVersion from null to 2 and save

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