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CMES App Registration

Instructions for configuring an app registration for CMES

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As part of the Cloud Maker Enterprise Server (CMES) install using the Azure Marketplace solution offer, an Azure Active Directory App Registration is required.

The app registration is required to allow Azure Active Directory-based user authentication to the CMES appliance.

To set up the Azure App Registration for the CMES install, do the following:

  1. Open Entra ID (formerly Azure AD).

  2. Navigate to App Registrations on the left panel.

  3. Select +New registration.

  4. Enter a Name for your App Registration.

  5. Select Accounts in this organizational directory only (Tenant Name - Single tenant).

  6. On the Redirect URI (optional) section, select Web from the Select a platform drop-down.

  7. On the Redirect URI input, enter the FQDN you wish to use for your CMES appliance:

    1. For a custom domain it would be

    2. For a default FQDN, it would be https://<public-ip-dns-label>.<region>

    3. For a US Gov default FQDN, it would be: https://<public-ip-dns-label>.<region>

  8. Click Register to create the App Registration

  9. Note down the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID for use in the CMES install process.

  10. Select Certificates and Secrets from the left menu.

  11. Click New client secret

  12. Enter a Description and choose an expiry date for the secret

  13. Click Add to generate the secret

  14. Note down the secret Value for use in the CMES install process

  15. Next, select Manifest from the left menu and set the following settings:

    1. Change accessTokenAcceptedVersion from null to 2 and save

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