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Azure DevOps Variables

Create and use variables for your Azure DevOps Pipelines

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In Cloud Maker, you can source the value of parameters from a variable in Azure DevOps. This feature lets you leverage your existing Azure DevOps variables as part of your infrastructure build with Cloud Maker.

Using Azure DevOps Variables in Cloud Maker

  1. Navigate to the Pipelines area in Cloud Maker

  2. Open an existing or new Cloud Maker Pipeline

  3. Select your blueprint and blueprint version

  4. Set the Deployment mode to Azure DevOps

  5. On the stage configuration section, select the ellipses icon next to the parameter inputs

  6. From the context menu, select Use Azure DevOps variable

  7. The parameter input will turn to a blue input, and you can now enter the name of the Azure DevOps variable you would like to use as the source of the parameter value

An Example:

In Azure DevOps, I have three stages named Dev, Test and Prod. I have configured variables for 'VM name' for use in each stage.

I have my three stages (Dev, Test and Prod) configured in my Cloud Maker pipeline. I have multiple parameters, and I want to use my Azure DevOps variables for my VM name in each stage.

I simply convert my VM name parameter input into an Azure DevOps variable. I then enter my Azure DevOps variable name for Dev, Test and Prod:

  • dev-vm-name

  • test-vm-name

  • prod-vm-name

When I deploy my Cloud Maker pipeline using the Azure DevOps integration, Cloud Maker will look for the Azure DevOps variables and their associated values instead of using its own internal parameter values.

If you have any questions or need support with the Cloud Maker Azure DevOps variables functionality, don't hesitate to reach out on [email protected] or via our in-app chat.

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