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Lines & Arrows

Understanding line drawing in Cloud Maker

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Drawing Lines

Cloud Maker allows you to draw lines and arrows between resources and use them for simple annotation purposes, such as calling something out on a diagram.

Today, the lines do not impact your diagram's configuration; they are simply for diagrammatic purposes to visualise a network flow or represent a relationship between one or more droplets.

You can draw a line in one of two ways. Firstly, clicking the connection node on a droplet will initiate the line drawing tool. You can then drag your line to where you want it or connect it to another droplet.

The second way you can draw a line in Cloud Maker is to drag the line annotation from the left dock's droplets panel.

Modifying the path of lines

Cloud Maker lets you apply your own line routing to lines. By default, the Cloud Maker line router will attempt to find the shortest path to its destination.

If you want to modify this path you simply do that by double-clicking the line in the location where you want to add a routing node. You can then drag this routing node to modify the path of the line.

To delete routing nodes from your lines, simply double click the node to remove it.

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