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Export Azure ARM/Bicep Code

Want to export the code and deploy with your own tools? No Problem!

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Cloud Maker dynamically creates the Azure ARM Infrastructure-as-Code as you draw and configure your diagram.

The best way to deploy your diagram is using the Cloud Maker direct deployment capability or Azure DevOps integration found in the Pipelines area of Cloud Maker. However, if you would like to export the code for deployment using your own tools, this is super simple too.

  1. When you're finished drawing your diagram, simply hit the Export button in the top-right menu bar.

  2. Select ARM or Bicep from the drop-down menu (this should be automatically selected as the first option).

  3. Enter a filename for your ARM/Bicep deployment pack.

  4. Click Export to export the ARM/Bicep code.

The ARM/Bicep deployment pack will be downloaded which contains all of the subscription and Resource Group templates required to deploy your solution to Azure.

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