Cloud Maker Expressions

Connect droplets together using expressions

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Expressions Overview

Cloud Maker Expressions are designed to enable you to join together droplet properties, parameters, outputs (i.e. things that are only known at deploy time such as dynamic IP addresses) and your own free text to create complex property inputs on Cloud Maker droplets.

Example: Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door requires a backend IP or FQDN to be set, in the case of a FQDN this should be in the format of [service].[domain]

In this example, an Azure App Service named using a parameter (VotingWeb_Name) has been created. In order to direct traffic from Azure Front Door through the Azure App Service, we need to specify its FQDN.

Using Cloud Maker Expressions we can combine this parameter with the string, to create a FQDN of:

Setting an Expression

You set Expressions in Cloud Maker through the Properties Panel. It's as simple as:

  1. Select the droplet you wish to configure

  2. Open the Properties Panel

  3. In the input field for a property, select the ellipsis and select 'Use expression value'

  4. Build your expression by searching for dynamic content (parameters, outputs etc)

  5. Finally, add any custom strings

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