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Understanding and applying parameters to Cloud Maker blueprints

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Parameters Overview

Cloud Maker Parameters are designed, much like parameters in ARM templates, to enable a single blueprint to be used across multiple different environments such as Development, Test and Production.

Cloud Maker has two types of parameters you can use.

Normal Parameters

Most resource properties in Cloud Maker let you configure them as a parameter. You can then assign values against these parameters in Cloud Maker solutions. For example, small VMs in Dev and larger production sized VMs in Production.

Secret Parameters

By default, Secrets/Passwords in your Cloud Maker blueprints are set as secret parameters. These let you store information securely rather than in cleartext.

Setting a Parameter

You set the Parameters in Cloud Maker using the 'Properties Panel'. It's as simple as:

  1. Select the droplet you wish to configure

  2. Open the Properties Panel

  3. In the input field for a property, select the ellipsis and select 'Use parameter value' or if you want to use a secret 'Use secret parameter value'

  4. Enter your desired parameter value and hit enter

View Existing Parameters

You can view Cloud Maker parameters you've already created by selecting the 'parameters' icon on the Cloud Maker Toolbar.

Parameter values can be added by creating a Cloud Maker solution.

Configuring Parameter Values

Parameter values are configured as part of your Cloud Maker Solution. Once you have configured the basics of your solution and set the number of stages you wish to deploy, you can then enter the parameter values you require for each stage.

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