Suggestion & Droplet Filters

Filter the cloud provider of choice

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Suggestion Filters

The Cloud Maker Suggestion Engine is an AI-powered assistant designed to help you find droplets quicker. We've trained our engine on hundreds of thousands of infrastructure-as-code templates, giving it a good understanding of which droplets are likely to go with others.  The Suggestion Engine is designed to speed up your workflow when drawing a cloud solution.

The Suggestion Engine Filter allows you to select which cloud provider you would like suggestions for. These will then be prioritised in the droplet suggestions on the droplet menu.

Droplet Filters

The Cloud Maker Droplets Filter allows you to filter your droplets to the cloud provider(s) of choice to make it easier to access the droplets you want to use. Once you've filtered the droplets using the Droplet Filter, all suggested droplets, categorised droplets and searched droplets will be constrained to the filters you have applied.

Your preference will be saved for next time to make it easier for you when you return to modify your Cloud Maker Blueprint.

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